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Dual wielding?


Is there a option of using dual wield in this game? for example two one handed swords as warrior or spellblade.

(sorry for bad english)


Not yet but devs said there will be.

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I believe duel wield will come with the rogue class and subclass blade dancer. Also, bows will be added too if for ranger sub class…IF thats still the plan by the dev’s.

Thanks for answer!

I really hope I can play in future as dual wielding spellblade (something like kensai/mage from Baldur’s Gate 2) :grin:

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Its confusing as the Primalist hero look like he duel wielding on character creation/selection screen.

That confused me as well, seeing him dual weilding when selecting the character and then not being able to. I was lookong through the passice tree to see of it was something that had tp be unlocked.

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