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Dual Wielding Option Question


So I noticed that Primalist has the possibilty to dual wield weapons, at an exchange of recieving more damage, but I can’t find any skills or passives that scales with dual wielding?

What is the benefit of this option? Just more damage overall? Just a matter o style?

Thank you!

Welcome to the LE Community!

So Weapons in Last Epoch basically behave like Stat Sticks, all your attacks that scale with melee damage will gain all your stats from your weapon.

Generally Dual Wielding gives roughly the same dmg or slightly more than using a similar two-handed option, also one-handed weapons do have higher attack speed.

This is definitely not as grave anyway because most 2-handed weapons got overhauled already.

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Ok, I see!!

Thank you very much for taking your time to reply to my question! :slight_smile:

Have a good day!

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Also with the introduction of rogue, there are skills that do requrie dualing wielding, like Dancing Strikes and Shadow Cascade.

There are also skilsl that requrie specific weapon types or 2-handed weapons.

So generally speaking if you explude those skills that require specific weapons it’s like this:

1H+Off-Hand = Most defensive Option (since Off-Hands can have defensive stats)
2H = More Damage than 1H, while still being pretty tanky
DW = Most damage, but comes with the price of having now defensive option and increased damage taken

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