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Dual wielding is needed in my opinion

I would like to see the option to dual wield as warrior, and maybe the other classes aswell mage dual wand. If you dont want to use 2 handed you are forced to use shield to fill out hands wich is a shame.
There could be so much more build options if dual was in the game. I run 2 handed spin to win build, would be so much more fun dual wielding. And 2 handed is just not good enough for boss damage and leech, you need more speed to make it work.

Mages could also use some kind of offhand instead of shield wich would roll more damage oriented stats than just defensive options.

And if Druid will have shapeshift, I could imagine some sort of dual wielding aswell.

Same rogue dual dagger/swords, hunter dual crossbow.

Dual is just fun overall tbh :slight_smile:

Oh, that’s definitely coming - it just hasn’t been implemented yet.

Ok awesome :smile:

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