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Dual-wielding +2 Aurelis only yields +3 to smite & multistrike?

Digging through my stash the other day, I saw that I have two Aurelis swords each with +2 to Smite & Multistrike. So of course I had the (likely stupid) idea to try to make a build around that. But before going and leveling a new character up to 50 just to find out this is impossible for some reason, I figured I’d smoke test it on another Paladin of mine first. Good thing too, since together they are apparently only giving me a +3 bonus to Smite, leaving me at 23; unfortunately I don’t have Multistrike slotted on that toon to check it as well.

Is this to be expected? I have tried searching around to see if there is any hidden limitation at play here, but what little info I can find suggests it should stack properly to +4, and that the skills should be able to get up to 24. Unless somehow the rolls are actually below 2, and they round up individually, but added together they round down? I highly doubt that but I’m short on alternative explanations. If anyone can enlighten me as to what’s happening here, please do!

Almost there! Currently items with + to skill level ranges can roll with a … lets say decimal value. From a single source, it will round up, however as the stats are additive with each other both combined will only round once. Eg, one rolls 1.2, the other 1.1, individually they’ll round up to +2 to smite, however additively you have +2.3 to smite which rounds up to +3 to smite.

This is a more complex issue than it may appear due to how the affix system works with rolls, but we are still tracking this and looking for the best solution without impacting other item affix systems.

Ah I see. Well, unfortunate, but thank you for confirming!