Dual-Form Ward Generator Druid: Facetank with 60K HP - Full Video and Written Build Guide [0.9.1]

Hey everyone. Here are the full build guides (video + written) for the Dual-Form Ward Generator Druid (AKA: Infinite Ward Druid):

This is a unique Druid build that focuses on generating a ridiculously large amount of ward (normally 30-60K ward) with incredible defense, switching between Werebear Form and Spriggan Form constantly. The damage is a mix of cold damage over time and reflect damage with Thornshell.

This build is a little silly and lacks single target damage, but it does work and allows you to push very, very high Corruption and Endless Arena waves.

While NOT an exploit, this will probably get nerfed soon, so enjoy it while you can! :upside_down_face:


I’d say thats a fair expectation. Last time a build could get this level of ward, it was dealt with - RIP the uber spellblade :cry:

Ya, think? :joy: :rofl:

That is a truly remarkable find. Wow. Well done, @Waltzingbear.

Id be stoked to facetank a white level 45 enemy with my current build for fucks sake. This is always the most interesting sort of topic, good stuff @Waltzingbear

This is the sort of thing I’m talking about when I mention that overpowered builds are fun. If you wanted a challenge you just wouldn’t play it. But it’s clearly something fun to do in the game.

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Please remove the word overpowered before EHG and then Blizzard see this, I can already tell Sorc nerfs are coming…

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But it’s not just that. I won’t play it, simply because I abhor the multi-form builds. You could get a build that shifts between Bear, Spriggan and Swarmblade… make it impossible to kill, 1-shots every boss AND guarantees LP4 unique drops… and I still wouldn’t play it.


That’s awesome, hahaha. I understand how you feel, I’d rather not play it either. :laughing:

Pretty sure @perrythepig was already playing around with near infinite ward by constantly switching form, at some point in 0.8.
And yes, the unique he was using got nerfed.

Can’t find the video anymore, maybe I just dreamt it


Ashes of Mortality? I thought that was an entirely separate way to get redonkulous amounts of ward (originally)?

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it was probably the lightning scepter the one which sapped your mana and gave you ward.

You would hit spriggan form, which would give you ward on entering thanks to its mechanics, you would get ward from the weapon, which would then peg your “rage” to 0 (for almost all mechanics rage and mana are the same) this would kick you out of sprigg form without needing to actually wait for the human or another form cooldown, and also heal your mana to 50 iirc. So you just put sprig form on auto cast, and just got some cooldown and would go in and out of sprig form genning a bunch of ward while also having basically infinite mana.

They broke the interaction by making the weapon no longer work on rage.


Which, coincidentally, makes it a pretty strong choice for a couple of builds. Not OP like the ward buster, but still really good because you get all the other benefits without the mana drain. Like Tornado Swarmblade.