Druid's Werebear Form Rampage is bugged

Using Rampage with or without new node that removes cooldown on rampage “(Unending storm)” flickers / teleports hero around making you take damage while flickering and can’t dodge mechanics anyhow.
Can also guess that it bugs by node that procs off lightning while casting rampage since it doesn’t proc while it’s bugged. Slides through the map sometimes, but that happens rarely.
That was happening to a lot of people from my perspective on discord so I assume it’s not only me having that issue.

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I am facing the same issue as well. From what I experience. Rampage starts flickering when there is no enemies ahead or if enemies dies while charging forward. Usually i get teleport a large distance ahead.

If I can cast Maul in time. Sometimes Rampage gets cancelled and it does not teleport me.

Same here. Rampage its overall bugged teleporting unable to cancel skill etc…

I would like to add that rampage consistently fails to activate in the alpine halls monolith tileset (specifically the hallways of the house sections, larger rooms and outdoor areas are fine). Additionally, I’m not sure if this is intentional behavior, but the lightning bolts being cast by rampage also seem to have armor shred chance converted to shock chance via the bringer of storms node, despite that node only specifying rampage and maul.