Druid Werebear Maul/Leap slam Bug

Hello it looks like the Druids Werebear skill tree node that allows Maul to take on the Leap Slam skill tree is not applying any of Leap Slams skill tree but is applying the mana cost addition.

I know for certain its not applying any of the nodes that trigger based on where you leave or land, like frenzying you/minions, like healing/cleansing you, like summoning vines. I was not able to tell if the static damage/aoe nodes were successfully applied. I don’t really know how to take a picture of it not applying but Maul definitely did not heal me or give me the frenzy buff when I had those nodes checked and when I directly used Leap slam out of transformed it was correctly applying those. I have uploaded the player log to google drive with the link below

Player log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1r1bVWgUPbFBvbHBzRulyXJw0cLbtX10P/view?usp=share_link

Here’s a video I took that showcases it. Interestingly the summon vines nodes do work, so it’s clearly not the entire tree but it’s still bad (but if you’re planning to do the rage tech that works).

Best of Luck

Interesting I wasn’t seeing vines but I believe they have a chance to summon so that might have been rolls. but this atleast confirms the Frenzy/healing/Cleanse section of the tree is definitely not functioning properly

Adding to this thread. The top left kill-reset from the leap tree works with werebear however the frenzy on leap does not work.