Druid Thorn totem no damage

My thorn totem not dealing any damage

Player.log (22.5 KB)
Player-prev.log (22.0 KB)

Its probably just a tooltip issue thats not showing the damage - test if its actually hitting normal mobs in a normal map (not the dummy - which is not classed as an enemy).

If its not doing damage against normal mobs, then I would recommend doing a Steam Game File Verification and testing again…

I must admit my own Thorn Totems are always like this. The show zero damage, they don’t hit the dummy (which is not an enemy), but in real combat they do their job efficiently.

thanks for the reply, i test on normal mobs totem is working fine.

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That’s because minion tooltips don’t & have never had any DPS numbers on them. Probably due to the way minion stats are set at the time of summoning while the DPS tooltip is a live figure so it’ll be even more wrongerer than the normal DPS tooltip.

Yes, in the current situation that’s perfectly normal.

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