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Druid synergy problems?

So why do we have lightning nodes in bear form…but 0 lightning nodes in druid passives? Shouldn’t the bear form just be cold nodes? why such discrepancy ?

Am I missing something?

Same reason there is 0 fire support in shaman or primalist in general, but we have fire earthquake and fire tornado.

There is also very little cold support for blademaster or marksmen, there is some generic elemental stuff.

Each class has core elements, for rogue its poison, physical(bleed), and fire, but she gets some access to cold conversions which are harder to build around without items.

Primalist has core support for physical, cold, and lightning, with his subclasses having more or less focus on certain types. Druid has a lot of physical and cold support with less lightning, while shaman has lightning and cold, but not as much physical support etc.

The take away here is that sometimes the devs throw in elements that present a puzzle of a skill to overcome. These create paths or choices that are off the beaten path for people looking to play something different.

If you play a lightning bear you are going to build quite different and will need to itemize and use skill points differently, it changes how you build completely which is really fun to some people.


I mean, what’s the point of going lightning when cold is going to be superior 100% of the time simply by the fact of passives? That’s not build diversity. What druid tells me is, I gotta go phys, cold or poison, or gtfo. I think that the core druid skills should reflect that, not go in a tangent, with no support for it.

All I’m wondering here is if this is an issue that’s been addressed/known, and if they intend to change anything? Cause unless they change those lightning nodes to cold or phys or poison, the scaling will be too horrendous to even do end game content.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to rp a volibear, but have you timed yourself doing a 100+ orobys? fucking painchamp.

Why would the scaling be too horrendous? Majority of your scaling comes through unique mechanics and items. You can build spell lightning bears or swipe lightning bears both scale well with strength and have interesting options.

Also this isnt “an issue” its specifically designed in a way to present an interesting alternative. do you really think they completely redesigned druid a few months ago and went “ah shit we specifically gave druid cold passives but then added lightning stuff dang”

Its safe to ignore them if you dont like them, but basically no, they have not addressed the issue because its not an issue to the devs and is basically designed that way to offer choices that are not immediately obvious.

I was trying to make a lightning bear focused on the lightning procs from Wbear+maelstrom + fury leap but it was ultimately quite a slog for bosses in empowered.
I got muuuuch better with going hybrid cold+lightning like so : Druid, Level 93 (LE Beta 0.8.5c) - Last Epoch Build Planner
thanks to the strong procs from the uniques this does bosses much better and is empowered viable (except lagon maybe bcos I think some skills can’t hit him making that fight a slog).
Melee lightning wbear should still be possible as there is conversion for rampage and maul and swipe depends on weapon dmg anyway.

IMO overall lightning support in Primalist is very weak(not counting companions) for both Shaman and Druid builds I have tested focusing on pure lightning is pretty weak(compared to pure cold/phys/poison) and there aren’t any skills that do pure lightning dmg (Earthquake maelstrom, tempest strike, tornado are all mixed). I believe it is the design that lightning is just meant to be supplementary dmg for primalists.

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Because its cool, if you’ll pardon the pun, and not everything has to be about efficiency.

While I do agree with that sentiment, the issue IMO is that the lightning support in Shaman/Druid is pretty pitiful and this is mainly because of the skills and passives, Its fine if its not as good as cold but in my experience its not even Empowered viable which is bad since the Primalist is meant to be focused around cold, phys and lightning. The only decent non minion lightning based build I’ve seen in Primalist is Lightning swipe which is a Beastmaster focusing on the Aspect of the shark.

Lightning Bolts is actually the main Primalist lightning skill and its different from each source (Fury leap, maelstrom, tornado, earthquake, tempest strike, lagon passives, werebear rampage) some scale with attunement and some don’t, some scale with rest of the damage in the skill tree and some don’t. None of these are viable focusing on just lightning and you end up being better off focusing on the other parts of the skills.

I think the lightning side of Primalist needs some rework to be better and hopefully the last Shaman skill to come has some lightning focus.

Yeah, it’s the same with Rogue’s and 2h melee.

Unless I’m misremembering, those are all procs, none of them are skills. And since they’re procs they inherit the attribute scaling of the skill that procs them, regardless of what their proc tooltip says.

Is he? I thought he was supposed to be focussed around cold, phys and minions/companions.

Not really the same, Rogue doesn’t have any passives or skills that specify 2h, whereas Primalist has 7 skills(not counting minions) with the lightning tag and atleast 7 passives are specifically for lightning damage in Shaman (13 hybrid with lightning and shock across primalist). Primalist/Shaman are mentioned as using natural avalanches AND lightning (become the storm).