Druid Skillbar Bug!

Hey i noticed as a Druid every time you change Zone while you transformed and have a skill aktive you hole skill bar gets messed up and you cant change anything anymore hten when you transform back its just empty. Then you need to put all your skills back in it to keep going its getting so annoing that i wanna change class to get rid of it. pls fix :slight_smile:

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I’ve been able to recreate this bug and can clarify, it seems to only happen after using Spirit Thorns, entering and exiting a zone without using it will result in the transformation behaving normally, but upon using spirit thorns it replaces the transformation skill and gives you ice thorns as a right click.

Included here are some mages for documentation of the bug.
druid skill bug.zip (1.8 MB)

Yes, I’m having the same bug.
Example Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/duMBxNr

Also are you guys having a lot of laggy/teleport behaviour when using “Rampage” and “Maul”?

I reported this as well earlier today, link to post: Skillbar is emptied when changing zones while transformed

Have to report the same with swarmblade form, everytime i zone while iam transformed the skill bars are empty, quite annoying to play druid with these

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I noticed you can no longer move around Wearbear form skills on the hotbar.

Known issue.

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Horrible bug, please fix it!

Yup, we’re tracking this issue internally. Thanks for the report!

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I am having same bug with the kill bar going blank.

I have also noticed that if I go into swarmblade form from human form my skills are;
swarm strike is on key 1
armblade slash on key 4
summon hive on key 5
human form key 8
dive key 6
But when I shift to swarmblade directly from werebear form my keys are different being;
swarm strike is on key 6
armblade slash on key 4
summon hive on key 8
human form key 1
dive key 5

Without being able to moves these skills makes it too much for my brain to track when the same skills are different keys depending how you shifted into that form.

This has been happening to me sense the hotfix last night as well.

Still having the issue here when zoning while in sprig form

My problem is that the main cleave skill on right mouse is changed into normal cleave, and the charackter swap skill is then the swarm and wearbear cleave attack. cant change outa form and must run the ragemeter out to change into human form. and in there the skillbar is empty^^
this happens ofcourse also on zonechange

Yeah this is the same issue as the above, we should have a fix for this internally that’ll be out as soon as it can be.

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Any update?

I am having the same bug on my druid as well, I’ve been noticing that the bug occurs every time I modify a skill’s skill tree as well as when I move zones while in spriggan form.

This dhould have been fixed in the most recent patch.

Hi all.
This bug still exist. And it is present not only in bear or swarm forms but also in Spriggan.
Player.log (600.8 KB)
Player-prev.log (281.5 KB)
I’m attaching my logs. Maybe it’ll help you finding out what’s going on. It’s like people already said. When you go into new location or use teleport skill bar is reset and in case of spriggan form you’ree left only with ice thorns. And when i retry to get into Spriggan form ice thorns are still present on skillbar but are not active.