Druid passive tree bug

I can’t put points in the Turtle Form passive, I have a point in the Primal Shifter, but it seems that one passive isn’t connected with the other. Thanks in advance.

This is working as intended, but I can see how the UI elements make it seem like the connection should be two-way. I’ll bring this up internally. Thanks!

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After the update 0.7.8d the information about the level is correct, but I still can’t put points in it with 15 points in Druid tree.

Do you have 20 points in the Druid Tree? Turtle form requires 3 things:

  1. 15 Points in base Primalist Tree
  2. 20 Points in Druid Tree
  3. Primal Shifter Passive

Can you share a screenshot of your tree?

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I would like to share my screenshot here, but idk how.
But the new passive description is 20 points in Primalist and 15 points in Druid.
I have 25 points in Primalist and 16 points in Druid. I can put points in Thunderous Roar and Healing Totems, but not in Turtle Form. And yes, I have Primal Shifter.

Save you screenshot, upload it to somewhere like imgur.com (you don’t have to make it public) and share the link to it here. That’s probably the most convenient way to do it.

That said, I decided to spend a some time and gold to respec my Druid, and can confirm that it does seem bugged and still requires 20 points internally, even though the tooltip shows otherwise.

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/KH3i5cs

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