Druid Hotbar - Abilities change unpredictably on map transition

When transitioning maps while shapeshifted (Spriggan form in this instance), the abilities on the hotbar can change unpredictably. In this instance, the “Human Form” ability changed to “Spirit Thorns” and the right click (which WAS “Spirit Thorns”) changed to “Ice Thorns” which was the ability on my right click in human form.

When running out of rage to return to Human Form, my ability bar has changed there as well. My Q W and E abilities are un-assigned and “Ice Thorns” appears twice.

The abilities that change are inconsistent. Re-assigning the abilities in human form seems to resolve the issue (Shapeshift abilities appear normal again).


Getting the same situation with druid + bear for the last couple days. Bear hotkeys change up, then the bar is mostly blank when returning to human.

I would also like to report this issue. Has been persistent post 0.9. Not sure about before MP.

Known issue, we are investigating potential fixes. Thank you for the report.

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