Dropped item no longer clickable

Wanted to test a loot filter change and so I dropped an item from my inventory onto the ground. I saw the animation of the item dropping and I see the item on the ground with the gold beam (rare item) but I do not have the option to pick it up anymore. Really unfortunate to just lose those items.

Log file:
Player.log (162.4 KB)


It appears you have rule out that item from your loot filter. You can always disable temporalry your loot filter with X (I think)

It isn’t an issue with loot filter - I am holding X in this screenshot and it isn’t visible. I also tried changing filters to no filter. I continued into further zones and found that all items other than I believe gold were not showing up. Relaunching the game fixed the issue.

So you might have accidentally pressed Z or alt+Z. This one hides completely all items labels

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