Drop rates (dungeon keys)

The rng involved in getting dungeon keys you want is currently atrocious, after 19 hours of play during the boss race, I had recieved a total of 4 temporal sactum keys, 8 lightless arbor keys, and 14 soulfire bastion keys.

Further playtime from this: After about double that time, I got up to 30+ soulfire bastion keys, 15 lightless arbor keys, and 9 sanctum keys.

Please add some form of rng fixing to dungeon key drops, so that this balances out. Currently it’s just painful and bad. Someone shouldn’t take 19 hours to try a t4 julra, when they could have tried both other dungeons t4 multiple times, it’s a bad pace for new players to learn, and it adds very bad feeling moments (and degenerate play) to any competitive stuff around bosses (my 2 hour sleep to keep up because of bad rng says hi)

I don’t know if there is any scaling already applied, but that ordering of keys makes the most sense to me. I rarely do temporal unless I have a legendary to craft, lightless is somewhat locked by gold aquisition rate, and you can do soulfire anytime.

The only exception is when you’re specifically targeting a dungeon which could use more targeted farming for specific keys, but the normal droprates of those keys seem fine.

Okay Ill just put someone elses experiencce in for you:

Someone else playing a lot eneded up with lots of sactum and arbor keys, but had to spend 15+ hours to get a 4th bastion key.

If you read what I put, its about equalizing it for everything, by fixing rng (in the sense of 'ah, this person has picked up a very disproportionate amount of one key, lets make the other have a better drop chance, and that key less, to make the game not feel terrible, so someone cant manage to play for more than a casual persons week, and not be able to learn the dungeon they want to learn/do/grind) Also i had a few dozen lp uniques in that 19 hours.

But the same experience could feel bad if someone was unproportionately lucky. It would be fabricating their luck drying out.

Also I personally have never had more sanctum and arbor keys than soulfire. Soulfire just seems to drop more often but it could be truly random.

I think keep the keys random but allow for more specific farming of a key type. The arena already has reward paths for dungeon keys, so being able to pick the key you’d like to receive would make arena keys more usable and make acquiring the key you’d like even easier than waiting for a random drop. (Or boss farming)

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I agree but for other reasons. I would be glad to get some more keys in the first place. I have played 40 hours since the patch dropped.
I’ve gotten 3 whole keys. 1 temporal, 2 lightless. I’m really wondering how long it will take for me to do any dungeon on T4.