Dread Shade - the Enemy of my Enemies node

Could someone please explain to me what’s the point in taking the Enemy of my Enemies node on the Dread Shade tree (Necro)? is it any good in a certain scenario and why?

The main reason you wanna use this is to not drain your own minions.

There are 2 base functionalities that are used by Dread Shade.

  • Baseline: Minions (or allies) inside the circle are affected
  • Spectral Distance Key Node: Minions (or allies) not inside the circle are affected

Depending on which of these functionalities you wanna use, you can use Enemy of my Enemy, to benefit the majority of your minions that you want the bonuses of Dread Shade to have.

So for example if you only have ranged minions + maybe one or two melee tank minion, where the ranged minions are dealing the main portion of your damage, you could use Enemy of my Enemy + Spectral Distance to make them all benefit from Dread Shade, without the downside of draining them.

Another scenario would be the opposite, when you only have melee minions without using Spectral Distance.

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Ok but why do I even need Spectral Distance to buff my minions when the discription in the Enemy of Enemies says ’ attaches to enemies, STILL buffing your minions’.
So as I get it would attach to an enemy but buffing my minion from a distance. Or am I mistaken?

Dread Shade has a limited area of effect, telegraphed by the circle.

Baseline all your minions would need to stand inside that circle to receive the buffs.

Most range minions have waaaay more range then Dread Shades baseline area.
So you would always need to manually send them into the area of effect.

With Spectral Distance basically every minion that is NOT inside the circle gets all the benefits from Dread Shade. So in most cases only the 1 or 2 melee/tank minions you have don’t get the benefits, but all your damage dealers do.

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Thanks. One more question. Do I need to take Symbiotic Apparition so that my minons got buffed? Or it is only for me myself and party members ?

Minions are always affected by Dread Shade, either inside or outside the circle (depending on if you have Spectral Distance or not).

Symbiotic Apparition is only to give YOU and potentially other allies (when we get MP) the benefits as well.

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Egoism would not take any effect for my minions with Spectral Distance + Enemy of my Enemies since it is not given by the aura? Right?

That is correct.
Both Egoism and All For One have no effect, if you combine them with Enemy of my Enemy.