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Dread Shade Skill

How does the talent Enemy of my Enemies work with the different talent options?

Dread Shade now attaches to enemies instead, still buffing your minions.

  • 1st Scorching Brand … "Dread Shade now grants the “TARGETED” minion haste, but also applies a stack of ignite to the “TARGETED” minion
  • 2nd Deadlock … Dread Shade now roots the targeted minionand causes it to taunt enemies around it
  • 3rd All for one … Dread Shade grants the targeted minion more damage, but no longer buffs other minions

To be honest, I never tried these nodes together. From the wording I asume they don’t work with each other.

If you take “Enemy. Of My Enemies” you can either buff all minions within the circle that is created around the enemy (melee minions build) or or outside the circle (ranged minions build). But as you cannot target minions all nodes that rely on that mechanic surely won’t work.