Dread Shade Health Drain Incorrect

The Dread Shade skill is either incorrectly described, or incorrectly applying health drain.

The description says it will drain health at a flat 3% while in use and will expire after 20 seconds.

In reality, it applies at a linearly increasing rate (i assume starting at 3%) and can only last for ~10 seconds before it kills the minion.

I noticed this too. I ran a stopwatch test:
(time differences due to two fingers, overall duration likely the same)
Golem: 8.87, 8.46, 8.64.
Skele Mage 8.37 8.44 8.52

When I spammed Shade, the health decrease was minimal.

This is either a misunderstanding of the skills or an increase of the 3%. Dread shade says “3% of its max health for each second the shade has been active”. This could be understood as 3% max health per 1 second its been active, so 6% for 2 seconds. Alternatively it could mean 3% each second until the shade is removed.

First interpretation is correct.

It’s a ramping drain.
Else “for each second the shade has been active” would not make sense.

It’s correctly described, and is not a flat rate.

It’s inline with all the other temporary minion mechanics - wraith HP drain ramping drain, abo HP drain is a ramping drain, etc etc.