Drain Life mana cost with health cost node

There is still a mana cost when speccing into the node that makes it cost health. I went bup the none channeled route. Idk if it is still there when channeled

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Looking at the exact wording of the nodes this seems to be intended, but I certainly see why that isn’t the behavior you’re expecting. The channel cost is removed, but if you convert Drain Life to not be channeled the cost is not removed.

I’ll ask for clarification internally.

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Hey sorry for the late response been busy. I was talking to Reimerh and he believed it to be a bug bc it wasn’t that way last patch. Unless something changed. I believed the cost was supposed to be taken from your health note mana after taking that node. Butnhe told me to make a post about it here.


i noticed the same issue. Can u atleast confirm a bug? Or is it intended?

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