Drain Life is buggy

First Drain life Blood Pact node make your skill cost %10 life instead of mana. And I thought if I go all %reduced health drain nodes like Crimson Gluttony and Volatile Blood it makes total %75 reduced health drain. And I tried with/without nodes my Drain life skill with Blood Pact node and it didnt make any difference.

Secondly Drain Life’s Grasp of the Damned node says it can hit 10 enemies at same cast and slows them. It slows but doesnt hit 10 enemies just 3 enemies as before. Thanks for all the work

any thoughts ?

Grasp of the Damned is working as intended for me, I was able to affect more than 3 enemies. Are you certain you have enough enemies within Drain Life’s Area of Effect? If so, please post a screenshot of your skill tree.

Blood Pact is indeed not affected by reduced health drain, which is a bug.

Thanks for the report!

@Hackaloken https://imgur.com/a/G3gGhGO thats my skill tree.

Im pretty sure it doesnt hit all enemies at the same time. it effects 3 by 3 each second. I tried it with high arena lvls too. And actually it says +10 enemy I mean it could hit 13 enemies every second but when I cast it in 15-20 worms it still kills 3 by 3.

After Blood Pact node I realised that Reaper form is actually a drain life ability too. Shouldn’t it affect from reduce health drain per sec passives too ? I can be wrong with that, to be honest.

Thanks for the response mate. Keep all the good work.

Sorry if bother but Did you check it or ? @Hackaloken

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