Dragon mage passive: at least fire from cold damage not working

I have 10/10 passive ,
fire damage before casting ice barrage 131% , after 231%,
2 volcanic idols 53%x2 damage increase (so orb stays on dummy always not moving)
spell damage 14%(minor factor).
I expect around 30% damage increase on volcanic orb damage. (451/351)
Damage of orb without casting ice barrage and with casting ice barrage is the same.
Even more after ice barrage buff expires orb deals less damage then it will do without dragon mage buff. (around 30% less)
So actually dragon mage passive node not effects fire damage , and after it expired even reduce it more.
Both skills have not been specialized.

I’m slightly confused, what’s the 351? Is that the average damage that volcanic orb does without any other buffs? From the figures you’ve given, I’d expect the damage buffs to go from (131% + 53% + 53% + 14% = 251% increased volcanic orb fire damage) to (251% + 100% = 351%). So a ~40% increase with the Dragon Mage buff.

hmm i guess you right , so bug even more obvious.

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