Download links in order email

Hello, I’ve got e-mail with links to game launchers. What is purpose of that if I’ve just bought Ancient Gladiator?
In my opinion purchase email should not show any download links(without any short notice with condition of use) to avoid any concerns.
Will those launchers be usable during Beta start on the 30th of April?


Sorry for the confusion-- unfortunately the purchasing system we use currently isn’t properly setup to send different emails for different purchases.

The pack you bought includes access to the Beta which will be starting April 30th, but the links are for Alpha.

The Beta will be downloadable from your profile page but I can’t yet confirm if the links that were sent to you in email will work for the Beta, so I would recommend just checking your profile once it’s released.


Thank you for reply, I’ve already loosened up after downloading about 6 GB of useless data for me at the moment( Isn’t many waste downloads generates some unnecessary costs on yours servers?), I can’t wait for the end of April.
Have nice day.

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