Double shards drop


First of all, sorry for my english, not my lative language so I will try my best.
This is my first post here and something strange often happen with the rare shards drops ( 75% of the time).

When I drop a rare shards like ( class based shard or a shard like Poison penetration), I will drop the same in a short time after the first. Sometimes 10sec after the first, sometimes 30sec.

This problem ( not really a problem in fact because I loot the rare shards in double) occurs since a long time, probably Majasa update and with all my characters. Got a lot of high lvl characters.

My blessing can’t interfere in thoses doubles drop.
I drop somes screenshoot I captured today.

Thanks for reading me and again sorry for my english

Player.log (837.8 KB)

Saw your posts on Discord, thanks for posting this here…

Your player.log definitely contains some debug messages that could point to this issue and there are a lot of other errors that I dont usually see which could be other things for the devs to check.

To make sure that this issue (and the other errors) isnt caused by a messed up installation, please can you use Steam Game File Verification to make sure the install is ok.

There is also a graphical shader related error in the debug log - please can you double check that your GPU driver is recent & has been installed using a clean installation.

Also, after the verification & before you play again, please can you backup & then delete the player.log and player-prev.log - this way the game will create a clean log when you start again. Then if you get the duplicate drop again, make a copy of the player.log and post it here for reference.


Thank you for your time and contribution
I will wait for a EHG member before trying to do something ( GPU is a 3060ti rtx and all the drivers are ok)

It wouldnt make sense not to at least verify the game files in the meanwhile - it only takes a few minutes and its a normal thing to do whenever anyone has issues of any kind… as recommended by the devs themselves…

Its unlikely that the devs will ask you to anything further anyway - the debug log is the main thing they will need to try and trace the issue and I doubt very much that anything you can change will ‘fix’ the double drops - if it is a bug and not a corrupted install, then its likely that they will have to trace and fix it in the code…

Up to you…

I’m waiting for an answer, still looting double shards :smiley:

I know you dont want to be responded to by anyone other than EHG, but they dont reply here that often and its unlikely that you will get a response on this kind of issue anyway. This is not what most people would consider a serious concern demanding immediate attention.

They DO read and take note of all the posts and add them to their internal bugtracker.

I would simply enjoy the the double drops - they are not affecting anyone other than yourself and honestly, I have 100k affix drops with nothing to do with most of them.

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