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DoTs do not appear to leech

according to the unintuitive mechanics guide (which the devs seem to have endorsed as correct), damage over time should leech. i have the “soul maw” node in lich, which gives damage leeched as health (not damage leeched as health on hit).

i’m using aura of decay, and have just enough health regen to sustain it, with barely any positive regen, making it very easy for me to monitor when i’m gaining health from leech. when i’m doing 5k+ dps to enemies with aura of decay, with 20% leech, i should be leeching 1,000 health per second. instead, my health continues to have just barely positive (a few points a second) regen.

Aura of Decay isn’t considered a DoT, therefore it cannot leech. Yes it does damage over time, but it has no DoT tag.

aura of decay itself doesn’t do any damage, but it applies poison, which is a DoT. additionally, AoD’s poison ticks are in fact affected by boosts to damage over time bonuses - you can test it yourself. equip an item with only “x% increased damage over time” and AoD will do more damage.

regardless, it doesn’t matter whether AoD itself is tagged as a DoT. the leech node i’m referring to is not “damage over time leeched as health”, it’s “damage leeched as health”. there’s no mechanical justification for this damage source to not leech.

Fair enough, you should be correct. I misinterpreted having no DoT tag was their way of preventing the poisons applied to not allow leech and DoT scaling, but to only have those poisons scale off poison damage/int instead.

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