Don't even bother making pinnacle bosses

They have to be the least interesting parts of POE and D4. If you didn’t know, they are coming to Last Epoch.

We already have bosses with tons of health who one-shot you. We don’t need bosses that do that, only more.


It’s a shame you feel that way however I personally am looking forward to it.


It’s more than just a pinnacle boss, they’re coming out with a whole system around it that’s supposed to create more end-game content. It’s not just a “pinnacle boss”.

Just because POE and D4 has “Pinnacle bosses” that you feel are lackluster does not mean LE new content involved with Pinnacle Bosses is gonna be lackluster. It might be bad, it might be good. We don’t know. It all depends how they implement it and what it is, which we don’t know. So, just let them cook.


Which of the Last Epoch Pinnacle Bosses mechanics don’t you like? What parts of the new systems are you particularly complaining about within Last Epoch? Which Pinnacle boss can you 1 shot? How would you change the mechanics of the new Pinnacle Bosses?

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Great… even moooar RNG lol. My brain hurts. I don’t know what this here pinnacle boss is, but I know I’ll have to do 14 dungeons, sacrifice a perfectly slammed LP3 item, grind stability, and pass a BAR exam knowing EHG for the privilege of being able to fight it and ultimately not getting anything usable out of the deal. :slight_smile:

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I’m not gonna lie, I laughed.

Don’t forget, only getting one shot at it. If you die, you need to repeat the entire process again.

This pretty much sums up EHG gameplay design philosophy.

I will sit out 1.1.

I don’t want more bosses but more interesting mechanics in echoes.
And I certainly don’t want more dungeons.

Yes, I know, “perhaps this game is not for you”. Yawn.

So take my vote.

If I could place my bet in one thing, it should be that the release of new boss will also come with the spoken chance to continue fighting dungeon bosses after being killed to provide players a chance to learn the boss mechanics

Might want to rethink that as EHG_Mike spoke of redoing the dungeons I think. Don’t quote me but I’m sure that’s the case. Feedback on getting TO the boss was that it was to long and drawn out. I think I recall someone saying that going through 1 tier of the dungeon was enough. Again, don’t quote me, but I’m sure it was suggested like this.