Don't Allow Me To Use A Health Potion If I'm At 100%

Please don’t allow me to use a health potion if my health is full and I’m already at 100%. I don’t want to waste them.

That happens because there are triggers that happen on flask use, like summoning zombies, gaining ward/mana, etc. If you couldn’t do that when the health is full they would become useless.


Hm. Ok thanks.

I would rather want an option to disable potion use on low life. Right now I add some potion health converted to ward, to not ruin my ward after accidental potion pick up.

You can’t.

This is a much bigger issue, certainly & I don’t like that there’s a unique belt that is “required” to deal with the issue.

I was pretty sure that you could, so I logged in and waited for full health at the end of time and quaffed one. It used the potion (and I got some ward out of it).

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I thought that this was quite annoying at first too. But at the end of the day it’s clearly my own fault if I use a potion when it isn’t needed. So I kinda felt like a little punishment was somewhat okay.

There are other options like Xithara’s Conundrum, or getting at least 50-60% potion health converted to ward with prefixes or idols. But it’s always a missed oppurtunity to get other stats. I would much rather prefer a setting to disable potion autopickup, and instead enable shard autopickup and/or autotransfer (btw is there a single reason to have shards in the stash other than taking inventory space and requiring to press a button with a mouse after every echo?)

Yes, the devs have said (& has been repeated many times in all the threads on the subject) that they view shards as pseudo-items rather than a currency. They have, at least, started to say that things don’t appear to be working too well in that regard so hopefully their point of view is starting to change.

I’m sure if you searched for “auto pickup” or similar you’d find one of the many threads about it.

That would completely disable a bunch of existing items and ruin multiple existing builds. Potions are not used exclusively for healing. Just rebind your key to somewhere you’re less likely to hit it on accident, or pay more attention.