Does Torchbearer work on all bleeds?

Or just the bleeds from lunge?

If it turns any bleed chance into ignite for the character as a whole, that seems good for a fire build.

Skill nodes only affect the skill they are in unless they specify that they are global (which it doesn’t).

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Yes it’s not really clear. For instance, the node Apocalypse Whirl in Warparth specifically states: Bleed and ignite from all sources are Time Rot FOR WARPATH.

But in lunge there is no distinction for torchbearer or Voidbringer. I made an entire hybrid build that focused on turning bleed to time rot and now I know it’s worthless.

I’d think that while the wording in Warpath is clearer, that it’s the outlier as conversion is nevervglobal unless it’s specified (and yes, I know this because ive been here a long time and the game should be clearer).

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