Does the Paladin's "Righteous Firebrand" Passive count passive casts?

For example, will Righteous Firebrand give me extra Melee Fire Damage if I’ve recently cast Divine Bolt or if Warpath’s Winds of Justice casts Smite?

“If you have cast a spell recently.”

That’s going to be the key part. You have to cast the spell. Not a proc.

That said, if it IS working off the proc that is either a bug or the wording of the skill needs to be changed.

Unless it’s been changed in the last week, auto-Smite builds get the effect of the node.

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So yeah, then they need to reword the “you cast” part to make things more consisting.

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I would consider “you cast” different from “you directly cast”. But it’s true we could use a clearer wording


Yeah, there’s still a bit of inconsistency everywhere with some of these things. I have no doubt between now and 1.0 this will all get a real, solid going-over to try to make the language consistent throughout.

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Sure, but the confusion I have stems from things like Divine Bolt specifically saying that you cast it, and other sources clarifying that something has to be a direct cast, so I wouldn’t consider it to be a bug if something like Divine Bolt could activate Righteous Firebrand.

The real issue is that there’s no way to keep track of buffs like those, so it’s impossible to easily tell what counts when.

Thank you!