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Does the Druid's "Blood Claws" passive affect minions?

There are a huge number of passives in the Druid tree that do not have text descriptions. Since bonuses on some passives like the Shaman’s “Shamanic Infusion” do partly affect minions without saying so in the explicit effect text, I can’t be sure if Blood Claws will be useful for my summonder build.
If this sounds like a bug, I can provide screenshots and file a proper bug report in the appropriate section of the forums.

No, it doesn’t refer to minions.

Thanks. Is there someplace I can go to look these sorts of things up, or should I ask on the forums the next time something is unclear? The wiki seems to be rather empty and out of date.

There’s an in-game game guide, plus @AndrewTilley put together a more comprehensive on on the forum.

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