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Does Support page form or support-mail address have troubles?

I want to upgrade my supporter pack, so I sent the message from Support page’s form (about 2 weeks ago) and (3 days ago).
But no contact yet.

Has the email / contact from me not reached you ?
Thank you.

Even @Llama8 has been waiting for weeks to get an upgrade. I’ll say give the team some time. They seem pretty swamped at the moment.


Thank you for your information ! :smile:

Hi @ponpoko,

Thank you for your kind interest in supporting us further, and I am very sorry that we have not been more communicative regarding upgrades since the release of Patch 0.8 earlier this month.

I’ve just checked now, and I can confirm that we’ve an open ticket from you in our queue. You have my word that I will personally respond to it tomorrow (Saturday). I apologize for not doing so right now, however I’m in Ireland and it is after 4 am where I live.

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