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Does "spells and bow attacks" include skeletal warrior attacks?

Found this cool item. I’m doing a skeleton warrior build and not sure if this item is actually going to benefit me or not.


No, the Warrior is a melee skellie, not a Mage (spell) or Rogue (bow)

I see, rip.
Just for clarity, there are three types of skeleton, Warrior, Archer, and Rogue.
Warrior - you get by default, is melee as per post above. Can be removed via skill tree.
Archer - you get by default, uses a bow. Can be removed via skill tree.
Rogue - you don’t get by default, but can add it via skill tree, is melee as per tooltip in game.

Yeah, that too… :wink:

As you can see, I’m not really a bone-boi fan…

Don’t forget the “Summon Skeleton Mage” Skill from Necromancer Mastery.

It’s entirely different skill, but all of the different mages from this skill tree also benefit from this item, except the Death Knight conversion.


Some minions have spell like abilities, so this would add to those even if they aren’t skeletons.

Obviously doesn’t have an affect on Skeletal Warrior build but does help for other builds. I had a Mage Skeleton, Skeleton Archers build with fire that used this all the way up until about level 75 or so. I haven’t toyed with it in a while. It was pretty exciting to watch all that fire going off. :smiley:

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