Does SpellBlade's passive skill Volkas Razor work on the Macuahuitl node in the Frost Claw skill

Does it spread to the node Macuahuitl (chance of triggering when hit by a melee skill) Passive skill of SpellBlade Volkas Razor ?

And at the same time, so as not to create topics. Does the passive skill of the spell blade Blade Wealve work now?

It appears that they have changed the wording on the alt text of Blade Weaver and that it is no longer supposed to be applied to equippable spells (which it never did).

When you press alt, there is still wording that the enhancement affects all side effects.
The damage bonus also affects the damage dealt by all the ailments the attack applies and the spells it triggers from its trees, excluding equippable spells.

Do you have any information about Macuahuitl ?

Not sure if it does but it should not.
“… And the spells they trigger from their tree.”
Frostclaw is procc within it’s own tree not by a melee attack.
Spark charge from mana strike is a spell trigger inside a melee skill tree.

I agree with this, it complies with the rules. But at the same time, the very fact of triggering from close combat causes an ambivalent feeling.
And there is some logical inconsistency. The logic of this node indicates that it should be used by the SpellBlade, but at the same time, this node does not receive any benefits from the skills of the SpellBlade.
I have now started testing the assembly using this node, but to be honest, I have serious doubts about the effectiveness of this skill.

You can scale the flat from your weapons and more, with the node Glamring

Frost claw is equippable so its not included.

My question would be is if you use a melee skill. That procs frost claw, which then approximates the ice spirals inside frost. Claw, would those ice spirals get to the benefits inherited from blade Weaver?

I know this, but this is a different node with its own effectiveness.
The purpose of my topic is to determine the effectiveness of the Macuahuitl node specifically for the SpellBlade and the possibility of using it in assemblies.

I was using Macuahuitl in a Firebrand spam setup, with fire Frostclaw. It was pretty good

I’d think probably not since the ice spirals inherit damage buffs from Frost Claw but Frost Claw doesn’t inherit Blade Weaver since its equippable.

Transitive Property has failed me.

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It’s a shame that this doesn’t work on equippable triggers; the effectiveness of most builds is extremely poor because of this.
This is probably why the overall effectiveness of SpellBlade is not even close to the top builds of other classes.
But what is most upsetting is the very fact that the variability of assemblies is limited.
I like to experiment with a spellblade, but his skills have very severe limitations.
Even the introduction of Runa did not change the situation.