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Does Shift into Dancing Shadows work with a bow?

Hey ya’ll I was wondering if speccing shift into the dancing shadows node works while wielding a bow. I notice if I take the dancing shadows node there is some sort of AOE effect at the end of shift which I assume is shadow cascade, but since I’ve never actually used shadow cascade I don’t know if it’s actually it. Thanks!

Yes, since the Shadow Cascade proc’d by Shift ignores the weapon requirement.


Looking at the dancing shadows node it says that says that as long as you have a melee weapon equipped it’ll proc shadow cascade. Does this mean that a bow is considered a melee weapon in the game or does the tool tip have an error in the node description?

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It’s likely a bug because, no, a bow is not a melee weapon, but Shift will proc (a very low damage due to the lack of flat melee damage on a bow) Shadow Cascade while a bow is equipped.

Should probably have checked before blithely stating that it did work, but it does, so…

I’ll just post this as a bug…

Edit: though this was reported as a bug last year.