Does selecting death knight override fire mage or ice mage with summoner build?

Question is in the title. Just want to know if there is any reason to put points in all of them or just one? Am I wasting skill points if I put them in all together?

Heh, I guess I stumped people because nobody seems to have an answer. I’ve posted the same question on multiple forums and not a single reply.

So Death Knights do remove all kind of other mages from the pool, which makes them not compatible with oneither pyromancer nor cryomancers. (It’s stated in the tooltip).

Pyromancers and Cryomancer can be combined, if you don’t take the follow up node of Cryomancers

So…if I have points in fire, ice, and giant mage (forgot what the skill was called) and then select death knight, the fire and ice mage points/skills are wasted? If so, then why not grey the option out once you select death knights so not to add confusion?

I think, the funcationality of “greying out stuff” is not implemented yet.

But it’s clearly stated in the Tooltip of the Death Knights Node to be fair.

The other node you refering to is the “Archmage” Node, which limits your maximum amount of mages to 1, regardless of any “Maximum increases”, so you jsut can combine that with either 1 Pyromancer, 1 Cryomancer or 1 Death Knight.

Also alot of those skill nodes give alot more Infos if you press and hold [alt] while hovering over them.

A little confused here; You say you can combine cryomancer and pyromancer if you don’t take the cryomancer…?

Yes, I know it removes them from the pool but was wondering if there was some hidden bonus for maintaining the cryo and pyro nodes like it gives the deathknight fire/ice damage on top of the necrotic. Now that I see what you said, I see any points in there are wasted. That is all I wanted to know. Thank you.

I was refering to the follow up node, behind the cryomancer, that removes pyromancers from the pool of summons.

The follow up node of Pyromancers could be combined with both though.

Ahh of course that makes sense. So you can combine Fire and Ice mages, but not anything that specifically says it removes other mages from the pool.

With just Pyromancer and Cryomancer specced, you have a total pool of 3 different mages:“Mages, Pyromancers, Cryomancers”

If you spec into “Inferno” Node, you and keep cryomancers and pyromancer, you have:“Pyromancers and Cryomancers”

Ah I understand, but since I have archmage selected, it will pick one or the other. So with archmage selected, there is no benefit to picking them both.

I think there’s a bug though because I thought when you select pyro mage it removes regular mages from the pool but it still sometimes picks regular mages on first summon.

Maybe I’m remembering wrong.

You only remove regular mages from the pool if you take the “Inferno” Node, which follows the “Pyromancer” Node

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