Does "Runeword Cataclysm" point works if you are Sorcerer?

Hi All,

Does “Runeword Cataclysm” point works if you are Sorcerer?

It should because it doesn’t have any indication that it derives from anything Runemaster specific (like Runes or anything.)

I was asking, because there is no Buff Icon appearing anywhere


Well that could be one of two issues. It’s not working at all, which based on the text would seem to be a bug, or it IS working but the buff icon is not activating. Can you test to see if you get a crit increase from it on test dummies?

Cataclism grants more damage v low hp mobs, not crit chance so it’s going to be very difficult to test on a dummy.

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Ah right. Was going off memory, I thought Crit chance was part of the rune forgot it was just the trigger.

Hi, I’ve relogged and there is no issue with the node. Thanks for the replies.