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Does Rive's 'Execution' stack, overwrite or something else?

Execution is a node for Rive where the 3rd strike consumes all ignite stacks and gives you a 2 second damage boost.
There isn’t any indicator/counter in game to determine how much the bonus is, and hovering over the skill isn’t helpful since each of the 3 swipes for have different DPS attributed to them.

So, does this buff stack with itself, overwrite, only take the highest value, or any combination of these?

I hit a mob which has 10 stacks, giving me 150% inc phys damage for 2 seconds.
1 second later I hit a mob which has 5 stacks for 75% inc phys.
Which of the following is how these interact;

  1. I have 150% for another 1 second, then I only have 75% for 1 second (taking the highest value only)
  2. I have 225% for another 1 second, then I only have 75% for 1 second (stacking both buffs)
  3. I have 75% for 2 seconds (overwriting)
  4. something else?

I’m curious how that works if i hit multiple mobs as well.
I hit 10 mobs each with varied ignite stacks - between 5 and 10.
Is each mob counted or is it again highest/most recent only?

Apologies in advance, i’m fairly new and I couldn’t find any info from searching here.

Thanks, Farq.

yes excecution stack and last for a few seconds. So if you do it twice within one second, you will have significantly more physical damage.