Does Primalist have a "cast when hit"skill?

I notice Acolyte has Hungering Souls able to cast when hit. Anything for Primalist?

Look in Druid Passives, there are up to 30% chance to cast Tremor (physical DoT, a spell exclusive to this node) and up to 10% to cast Thorn Burst when hit (sounds like a normal Primalist’s spell).
Eterra’s Path unique boots also cast Entangling Roots occasionally. Not when hit, but it seems to be the specialized version.
The Thorn Burst Spell itself has “Reactive Thorns” node, that gives a chance to cast it when hit. You need to invest in it and keep thorn burst on your quickbar, in order to benefit from this, I assume.
Also, Primalist’s companions (Wolf, Sabertooth, Bear) have nodes that give the creatures reactive spells (lightning for wolves, ice vortex for the cat, reactive thorns for the bear)

Not sure where you’ve found reactive Hungering Souls though.

It’s a node in Hungering Souls tree. One node also doesn’t let you cast it manually, so I assumed you could do that even when not on skill bar. But maybe you’re right so I’ll test that.

Thanks for the detailed response!

I have played with reactive Thorn Burst and with reactive Hungering Souls, and they seem to behave differently. Hungering souls didn’t trigger for me, unless they were present on quickbar.
Thorn Burst however did trigger without being present on quickbar.

I’m not sure why they behave differently. It does make sense for Thorn Burst, because otherwise you won’t be able to benefit from it while shapeshifted.

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