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Does "physical skills" include physical spells?

I have an item that I got from the monoliths that says it raises the levels of all physical skills by +1 level. My character that I am currently using is a rogue and has no physical “spells” only melee and ranged attacks. I picked up two of the item though so I am wondering for alts. Does the physical skills tag cross barriers to mean anything physical from spells to melee to ranged? Technically skills is a bit broad of a term.

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As long as the skill has the physical tag, yes it does affect it.

There are a lot of physical spells on Acolyte for example.

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Thank you very much. I was hoping so.

“Skills” is everything the player can use in-game. Even the portal key (T) is treated as a “skill” (since it triggers the Rogue’s Flow passive). “Skills” can then be broken down into do different subsets which can overlap (they are orthogonal):

  • how the damage is done (melee, spell, throwing, bow, minion)
  • what damage is done (phys, fire, cold, lightning, void, poison, necrotic)