Does passive talent "Ethereal Arrows" work with Multishot procced from Furry?

Anyone knows this for sure ?
The passive node says “your bow attacks deal increased damage…” so this makes me think it won’t apply to multishot procced from flurry because for example multishot procs are not counted as “used bow attacks” for applying stacks from the passive node “Barrage of pain”

Thanks a lot to anyone who will answer

Give it a try, respeccing passives is cheap as chips.

It’s impossible to test with mannequins, way too many attacks and can’t see the numbers, i tried

You can try it on the circle of dummies and see how much damage the dummy that isn’t being hit by Flurry is taking.

But I’d assume not since MS doesn’t have a mana cost that can get affected like that (as contrasted with the manually cast MS).

In case anyone gets here from google : Just had confirmation by one dev on discord that this does NOT work with procced multishot