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Does "on hit " is diff from "when hit"?

on shroud of dusk node says
“have a chance to gain a stack of dusk shroud WHEN HIT”

I’m not english native but generally in equipments text, like x% chance to ignite ON HIT means I have chance to ignite enemy when I hit them, so I excited to get numerous stacks with flurry but…
Let me know, am I misunderstanding or a bug?

on hit” is, when you inflict a hit to an enemy.

when hit” is, when you receive a hit from an enemy

You really feel it’s diffrent? I’m so sad lol…

This is not what I feel.

This is how it is, pure factual statements :stuck_out_tongue:

There are even more different conditions, like “on use”, which is also used on rogue quite a lot.


As Heavy has stated when hit is receiving a hit and on hit is when delivering a hit.

Beastmaster’s Boar Heart and the later passive Primal Strength is a good example to exemplify the difference. It’s also why Primal Strength is essentially a must have for any primalist build that uses melee attacks.

On hit is typically stronger as it’s more consistent and scales with things like attack speed as more hits means more chances to activate the effect/subskill/buff/etc.