Does Melee Leech work with Shadow Daggers?

Shadow Dagger have the Melee tag but not the Melee Attack tag. I am wondering if melee leech would work with that skill, such as points in the Rogue passive Blood Dance, or even just the general Melee Damage Leeched as Health affix? Anyone help?

I am new to all this Rogue business.

So while I am here, does Synchronized Strike count its own shadows for skill points like Shadow Rush and Foreshadowing?

Yes. Shadow Daggers has the melee tag so everything melee works with it (which is why flat melee damage makes it better). Attack speed of any kind doesn’t because you’re not attacking with it (obviously).

Shadow Daggers is an ailment. Once it hits 4 stacks it triggers a damaging thing, like Spark Charges. The ailment does no damage, the thing it triggers is what does the damage.

The only weirdness is around inheritance. Since Shadow Daggers is an ailment (& affected by any ailment application reduction modifiers like the one on Flurry) & ailments aren’t affected by flat damage modifiers, any skill-specific flat damage modifiers from the applying skill tree aren’t passed on to the proc that does the damage. Any flat damage modifiers on items or passives are used by the damaging proc, just not tjose from the applying skill tree (there are some in the Umbral Blades tree, for example).

They are synonymous as far as I’m aware. Most skills use the Melee tag (probably because it’s shorter and all melee thibgs are attacks).

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It is the presence of the Throwing Attack tag on Shadow Daggers that made me think there must be some difference between the word “Attack” being there or not. (Such as Shadow Daggers not counting as a melee attack and hence not triggering melee leech or some nonsense like that).

This is a great example of a skill that would benefit from a Character Sheet notation. I find the lack of Flat Damage numbers for skills like this, or Melee Void damage for the VK Warpath where the boots benefits as well frustrating and Diablo2-ish.

I feel like stats that show up on gear should be displayed someplace for the Characters and Minions alike and not require napkin math every time you want to change gear.

What makes it even more frustrating for me, yes, I’m a bit whiney, is that I don’t even find the dummies helpful to compare because my eyes can’t keep up with all the flashing numbers in order to compare.

I know the devs don’t care about making the dummies track numbers, but I hope the character sheet is fixed.

On a side note, is anyone aware of any add-ins \ overlays that we can use to track DPS as we play or use the dummies?

Yes, the devs are working on a better character sheet but it’s been pushed back several times due to higher priority stuff (notably MP & now 1.0/launch).

Also, Shadow Daggers isn’t a skill.

It will be replaced by something that doesn’t suck balls, yes.


Thank you. I appreciate the follow up. :slight_smile: I’ve never been part of an early release \ beta game. To be honest, the game is so much better than other games that are in full release that I sometimes forget that the game is not official yet.

While I love(d) D2, I got ptsd from the secret formulas (eventually community shared) and the lack of details. Why include stats on items if you have no desire to actually show them. Or IAS numbers that are not actually real etc. Some games thought it was better just to push out new content instead of fixing player concerns hoping it would just placate the players and make them forget. lol.

So again, THANK YOU, EHG for actually being involved with the community here and listening. It is very much appreciated.

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