Does Isadora's Set work with Necrotic Minions?

First let me say that I Highly doubt that it does in the first place but I am 4 levels away from being able to use the mask so I figured I would ask now. I am using a mostly minion based build and three of the three of four minions are necrotic attack based. The skeletal mage, the necrotic volatile zombie, and the necrotic wraith. The catch is that none of the actual player tags say necrotic. Only the minion tags all say necrotic. Therefore I highly doubt that Isadora’s set will work. If it did, that 80% extra damage on volatile zombies explosions as well as the 30% mana efficiency of the wraiths would both come in mighty handy. Like I said, I doubt it, but I figured someone might already have tried it lol.

If it doesn’t say it applies to minions, it doesn’t apply to minions.

Thanks that what I figured.

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