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Does Infused Weapon add damage for shards crafted on weapons?

I have Mana Strike that does base Lightning damage. I have a melee weapon with a + Melee Fire damage shard. I put a point into Infused Weapon. Do I get +2 fire AND +2 lightning on Mana Strike?

Yes! Since the affix says it adds Melee Fire Damage, that means it adds Fire Damage to all skills with the tag Melee. It does not give the skill the Fire tag, though.

The next thing I discovered is whilst no melee weapon flat damage is added to Mana Storm, DOT’s like bleed damage chance are added to Mana Storm even though it’s a spell. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around it all. There are a lot of subtleties in these skill trees.
It’s kind of a bummer you can’t convert the lightning damage type on Mana Strike. I suppose there’s a good reason for it.

Every type of %chance on hit will be added to all hits.

This is completely separated from the type of attack or the damage type.
(unless specifically stated).

So you can afflict bleed with lightning damage or you can afflict shock with physical damage.

There are some affixes or passives that do however specifically state thing like x% chance to bleed on melee hit.
This for example would only apply to Mana Strike melee component, but not to mana storm.

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