Does increase elemental dmg mod increase melee elemental dmg?

I’m building a Mana strike mage and I’m getting really confused with how it scales. It seems like the increase lightning dmg mod isn’t doing much on the mana strike, and if the mod should increase for globle dmg (both melee and spell), then how does the Mana strike skill scale?

Yes. “Elemental” is just shorthand for fire + cold + lightning. Don’t forget you need flat melee damage (ideally lightning) for the % multipliers to work off.

Than you for the reply! I think I get it now since there is no +% melee lightening dmg multiplier anyways… Although, I have another question, will the +% melee dmg work on elemental melee dmg? But I guess even it works, ideally I should focus on getting +% elemental dmg.

Yup, that works too. Since they’re all % increased, you just want the biggest modifiers (per affix tier, which means the most specific) you can get as they all get added together. Only “more” modifiers are applied separately & they are almost always on skill trees (though the Spellblade does have a few at the top of their passive tree).

Understood. Thanks alot!

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