Does Frenzy increase throwing attack speed?

I know Frenzy says it increases attack and cast speed, but I was just curious if it also affects Throwing Attack Speed.

Unless it specifies “melee”, “throwing”, etc. then it’s global. Therefore, yes it will affect throwing as well as melee.

It does not affect DoT Tick Speed (for status effects or Disintegrate), however.

That is correct, but DoT is ailment not “attack.”

Disintegrate (& Maelstrom) are spells not ailments. Just because a thing has the DoT tag doesn’t mean its an ailment.

It also doesn’t affect channelled spell tick speed (because spells aren’t attacks) but does affect channelled melee attack speed. It also affects (non-channelled) bow attacks.

But the “attack” is only on the initial use, correct?

No, you’re thinking of “on use”. “On hit” effects should proc from every hit, bugs notwithstanding. And any skills with the DoT tag can’t hit so can’t interact with anything that says “on hit” or requires a hit (like crits).

Ok, so my original post is mostly correct with that small correction. Thanks.

Seems to me like the phrasing here could be made more concise and clear.

Phrasing? Are we still saying Phrasing? Because, if so, Phrasing.
– Archer

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