Does % fire pene works for my hammerdin?

So im noob when it comes to how this game mechanics work and i am doing hammerdin who is basically focused on pure lightning damage i got the node wich says that all fire damage is converted to lightning damage so does this fire % pene item work for my build?

Nope… And this idol is also only fire penetration for melee - Hammer throw isnt melee (or spell obviously)… so the fire penetration from this idol is going to be of limited to no use depending on if you have a melee skill that still does a little fire damage that isnt converted… unless you have something that is expressly converting all global fire penetration (cannot recall if anything does this)…

you say hammer throw isnt spell but i get increased damage from spell lightning damage do i not get increased dmg from spell damage alone?

You don’t be get increased damage from spell lightning damage for the hammers themselves. That could add damage to a triggered ability like Smite. The hammers are not spells. It requires to have the spell tag to be affected by any spell scaling and I don’t think hammers can get a spell tag.

Edit: also just to reference the initial question, resistance penetration isn’t damage.

oh i see my bad yeah the build focuses around spamming smite me like an idiot was always looking at throwing hammer damage

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