Does elecoe's abandon trigger drought's release

Seems a little OP if the healing on the dagger is triggered by the armor using potions to throw a flash?

I would expect it to trigger Drought’s Release based on the wording on Elecoe’s Abandon.

I don’t see how it’d be OP though. It’s not all that different from throwing an Acid Flask and hitting the Potion hotkey at the same time with Drought’s Release equipped.

thanks. maybe OP was the wrong wording. I was just thinking that if the armor is triggering on potion use procs there is also ward on potion use, % of potion health converted to ward.

I’m still leveling so i have 3 weaver pieces equip’d including the belt that gives 1 potion per weaver piece (7 potions). Not sure which stats are doubled on the belt per potion use, but i’m using potions non-stop

I mean, even including other on potion use effects, it doesn’t seem OP to me. It’s still effectively the same as hitting your Acid Flask and Potion hotkeys at the same time if you’ve got On Potion Use effects.