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Does Dancing shadows overrides Lasting presence?

Hello, I have begun playing the game recently and I just hit level 35. I noticed that after upgrading shift to Lasting Presence, you can upgrade it once more to use dancing shadows, but I think it made me lose the lasting presence update. Is that correct?

If that is so. Maybe it would be a good idea to indicate in any way that this is the case in the skill tooltip when an upgrade replaces a previous upgrade?

Thanks, I’m really enjoying the game, I love the D2 vibes :slight_smile:

Shadow Cascade is one of the three skills that shadows will copy when you use so taking the Dancing Shadow node would make all existent shadows do a Shadow Cascade when you Shift.

I can’t remember where but it does say this about shadows somewhere though it might be useful to have that repeated as alt-text on the Dacing Shadows node. @Reimerh_QArts