Does cold conversion on Lightning Blast affect all lightning damage from the tree?

I’m trying out mage and making my own build for the first time. I’m using lightning blast for now converted into cold. There are things like Divergence that adds lightning damage or Lightning Aegis which increases lightning damage. It isn’t clear to me if these are included in the skill’s cold conversion effect.

Does this work? And maybe more generally how do I interpret these kinds of type conversion nodes?

Also, is it pointless to take both this and the Rune of Winter passive since they both convert? Rune of Winter also gives 20% freeze rate multi, but is that worth the points? Conversely, if I took Rune of Winter but not Supercharged Floes, I miss the chance to take the 40% freeze rate multi that comes after that.

Divergence is no converted, but that doesn’t really matter, the point of the node is not the 2 flat dmg.

Generally most skills have generic more multipliers so the dmg type it does does not matter that much.

If a skill tree has a lot of specific flat damage usually the conversion node states what happens with them.

LB just doesn’t have any of this. The only thing that the conversion node states that is converted is shock chance (which is converted to chill).

Regarding the passive, it is just another way to convert. It does spare oyu a lot of skill spec points if you want LB to be your main dmg skill I would say the passive is better, because LB is very point hungry, there are a lot of good nodes and every skill spec tree point that you ahve free means more damage.

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