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Does buying via Steam give same reward as website - $35?

From the steam version, there is no indication of rewards etc. It simply say “Buy Last Epoch” @ price.

I bought on Steam personally and haven’t received any of the rewards, whether they are only given out when the full game is launched I’m not sure.

I cant activate my Alpha turtles, I had them active in Alpha, they now listed as not owned…

Buying Last Epoch through Steam will get you the $35 Ardent Gladiator supporter pack.

We’re currenly investigating a couple of bugs relating to this - we’re aware that many people buying through Steam don’t have a supporter badge, and that some people - regardless of whether they bought through Steam - don’t have access to their Cosmetic Pets.

I think you guys should state it more clearly on Steam. I have read many people thinking they only buy beta access, and I even read a couple of comments saying they wanted to refund on Steam so they can buy the supporter pack from the webpage.

Maybe, if it’s possible, you could change “Buy Last Epoch” for “Buy Ardent Supporter Pack” or something similar

To make it a bit clearer that the price includes more things than just the game.


I also don’t have access to my Ardent Gladiator Pet or Points.

same here, no pets or points from beta

Same here.

same here.

Also in terms of kickstarter rewards such Digital Collector’s Edition Lore Book with Exclusive Art… is there news when all of the rewards will be available? Is this just going to be a “release” thing?

Same here to

Bought from Steam but no pack :frowning:

Bought from Steam but no pack here.

Bought it from steam and no pack. I even synced my steam acct to my last epoch and no pack.

Same no pet here :frowning:

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