Does Bear "Forceful Swipes" use your Swipe tree spec?

See title. :slight_smile:

No, minions/companions do not use your specialized skill trees iirc.

Sad face …

And why can’t I summon multiple bears ?!?!?!

You don’t summon them, they are stored in your pocket. Only wolves are slim enough to fit more than one.

And Crows, apparently.

They can sit on your shoulder & they’re pretty small.

I have my hair cut very often because crows mess in there.

What if they are, like, bear cubs?

(I think when you increase maximum companions, all companions should be capable of multiple-summon.)

With explosives strapped to their backs? Then you could throw them at the mobs.

I played a lot of Overwatch, I’m still hoping for a cat with a backpack. In the universe of Last Epoch, it could be magic propulsion.

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